Noah Bowden packs an emotional punch on ‘The Flood’

Oozing with passion and a magnetically youthful gusto, Arizonian artist Noah Bowden releases his debut EP, The Flood. 

Noah Bowden, the acoustic singer-songwriter from Mesa, Arizona, has delivered a heart-gripping collection of songs on his debut EP, The Flood. 

Effortless in his vocal styling and guitar work, the 6-track EP is dripping with magnetic melodies and stories that hit close to home.

Noah Bowden

The 18-year-old artist is no stranger to the music world, tightly latching onto his guitar from a young age and dreaming of nothing else but becoming a musician. This desire is evident in every beat of The Flood, each tune vibrating with intricacy, layered in harmonies, strings, and stories.

The Flood begins with Empty Good MorningsBowden’s hooks burrow deep, powered by his hypnotic vocals. The following song, I’ll Have To Meet You First, is an emotionally raw ballad that traces the tale of Bowden and his future with a partner. The guitar and vocals provide a constantly pulsating thread through every track in The Flood, inviting the mind to wander.


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Roses follows with a vivid image of flowers upon the windowsill, standing untouched as a timeless track. At the climatic peak of the EP, 1000 Songs trickles down the spine. “The song is about the feeling you get when someone you cared about finds someone else after you separate. Even if you still love the person you can tell they have fallen deeper in love than they ever were with you… and no matter what you do, they’re gone,” Bowden shares.

The concluding tracks, Sense of Direction and EP title track The Flood linger with a hopeful lust. Collectively, this body of work shows that Bowden is an artist that has the ability to deliver an emotional impact. The Flood will be with you long after you hear it.

Check out Noah Bowden’s debut, The Flood, below: