Noel Fielding is cooking up a new Netflix show about a “Magical Record Player”

Odd and handsome writer/comedian, Noel Fielding, said in an interview during BBC 6 Music show that he’s making a new TV show for Netflix. “Basically a guy gets hold of a magic record player and when you put the record player on a portal appears and you can go inside your favourite albums.

The series will reportedly come in six parts and be co-written by Matt Haydock, whose previous work included creating the cult character Gus the Fox.

Noel Fielding is writing a show for Netflix about a “magical record player” that will let you “go inside your favourite albums.”

According to Fielding, Netflix said yes to the pitch but the series is yet to be scripted. “It’s a good concept but how I write it… I could come at it from many different angles and I’m trying to work out the best way.

Earlier this year, Fielding reunited with fellow Boosh Julian Barrett as the UK ambassadors for Record Store Day, an occasion that was also marked by the release of their debut Mighty Boosh radio series on vinyl.

Fielding has said in the past that you could learn a lot from somebody’s record collection. If you were on a date or you’d just met someone, you could have a peek at their collection and think ‘Oh, this isn’t going to work.’

It’s one thing I’m a little too excited for this TV show, but it can’t be good I also agree with this other idea?