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North Sydney just announced a complete ban on smoking

Following in the footsteps of areas such as Strathfield, Hurstville, and areas of the CBD, North Sydney plans to roll out a smoking ban in public areas. Over the next nine months, the council hopes to rid the streets of butts and cigarette smoke alike.

Last night a vote within the council for ‘non-smokers to take back the streets‘ was passed unanimously. Heavily pushed by town mayor Jilly Gibson was ecstatic about the support she received from her fellow council members.

80% of North Sydney residents support the public smoking ban due to concerns about the effects of second-hand smoke.

The change won’t take place overnight. The next three months are dedicated to the education of the public. After that, signs will appear around the city in a move that Ms Gibson hopes will lead to self-regulation. No one will be copping a fine for some time.

At this stage, there has been no comment on how this will affect e-cigarette use in public. Historically, laws surrounding vaping have been pretty backwards. Whilst traditional cigarettes are legal to buy for those over 18, those hoping to switch to the arguably healthier, definitely less socially imposing alternative can’t legally buy e-cigarettes with nicotine here in Australia.

For those who still long to have a dart with their morning coffee, there’s always Melbourne.


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July 24, 2019