Not a fan of confined spaces? Living quarters in Hong Kong are getting less than roomy

Ever felt like your room could do with a bit more space? Maybe move the furniture around to get a bit of a fresh perspective?  Unfortunately for some, the housing market in Hong Kong has meant that the phenomenon of ‘Coffin Cubicles’ is a reality.

And these ridiculously small abodes come with a price tag of around $307 a month.

Hong Kong residents are living in spaces no bigger than the backseat of a car with all their possessions, cooking equipment, entertainment and sleeping materials.

The images were originally captured by National Geographic journalist Benny Lam. When Lam released the story he commented. “They are exactly the people who come into your life every single day: they are serving you as the waiters in the restaurants where you eat, they are the security guards in the shopping malls you wander around, or the cleaners and the delivery men on the streets you pass through. The only difference between us and them is [their homes].”

It’s an interesting glimpse at the effects of over population and urban sprawl. The world is definitely changing, but is this what we really want it to look like?

Hong Kong

Via Bored Panda.