Circuit Tracks is Novation’s intuitive new groovebox

Novation’s Circuit Tracks is designed for immediacy and creativity. The new groovebox has been upgraded for an on-the-go creator.

Novation has announced its latest groovebox Circuit Tracks, which is a highly versatile and wide-ranging device designed to be the brain of your hardware set up. Novation coins the screen-less device a “hands-on groovebox”. This allows for a more intuitive workflow and urges artists to focus on beat making, rather than the screen.

The new Circuit Tracks improves and expands on the original Circuit in a number of ways. The device features a grid of 32 velocity-sensitive pads, two polyphonic digital synth tracks, four drum tracks and performance effects. The box is framed by macro knobs that have consistent and user-friendly labelling. This is an upgrade from the original and is sure to make navigating the interface easier.

novation, circuit tracks

What distinguishes the Circuit Tracks from its predecessor are the two dedicated MIDI tracks which are used to run external synth and instruments. These MIDI tracks allow you to route the audio back into the device for mixing and processing effects.

With the inclusion of a microSD card slot and a built-in rechargeable battery, the device offers you more storage and on-the-go power for up to four hours.

The Circuit Tracks will hit the market this winter in Australia. For more information head to Novation.