Trump’s second impeachment trial begins with horrifying footage of Capitol siege

Donald Trump awaits his second impeachment trial today, to determine whether the former President should be dismissed from future civil duty.

The historic second impeachment trial of former president Donald Trump opened in the US Senate today, with prosecutors remaining confident that they will convict the tycoon based on the “cold, hard facts.” Said facts pertain to Trump’s role in inciting the terrible attacks on the US Capitol.

It will be a constitutional first for a former president, if the Senate rules against Trump.

trump Riots
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The aforementioned prosecutors will be that of Democrats from The House of Representatives, who opened their case with the chilling footage of the siege on the historic landmark.

The clip showed masses of Trump devotees overwhelming exterior law enforcement, breaking through the doors and windows of the building, vandalising and looting the interior all while attempting to hunt down political officials and do who knows what with them.

The siege, which resulted in five deaths, is alleged to have been incited by the former president after he encouraged supporters in a speech to “fight like hell” to overcome his election defeat in November last year.

The footage proceeds to dip between frightening footage of domestic terrorism, Donald Trump’s speech in November, political officials being ushered off the floor into the evacuation tunnels below the building, and the moment that a Trump supporter is shot and killed trying to break through a barricade inside the Capitol.

Inside the very building the riots took place, Democratic prosecutors will present their case today. Their accusations will be heavily supported by video evidence of the former president deliberately inciting rage in his followers over the supposed stolen election.

Lead House prosecutor Jamie Raskin told the trial, “Our case is based on cold, hard facts. It’s all about the facts.”

“It’s our solemn constitutional duty to conduct a fair and honest impeachment trial of the charges against former president Mr Trump – the gravest charges ever brought against a president of the United States in American history,” Democratic Majority leader Chuck Schumer added.