Jamiroquai frontman confirms he isn’t the shirtless “freak” at the Capitol building riot

Singer Jay Kay from disco-band Jamiroquai confirms that the horned, QAnon-supporting Capitol building rioter isn’t him.

As you’ve probably heard, the US Capitol building was attacked by Trump supporters yesterday.

As deeply concerning as the riot is, some Twitter users have found the humour in it all, involving a shirtless idiot and Jay Kay, the singer of irresistible disco act, Jamiroquai.

Image: Getty

Alrighty, here’s the context. As Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building, one person, in particular, caught the attention of social media. This person has now been recognised as 32-year-old Jake Angeli. He’s the shirtless guy with horns, fur, and the red, white, and blue facepaint. He’s also an avid QAnon supporter who regularly attends far-right wing rallies in Arizona. Yikes.

As Jake continued to make a fool of himself, some people couldn’t help but notice the visual similarity between him and Jay Kay from Jamiroquai. Sure enough, the half-joke, half-genuine memes started rolling in.

Unsurprisingly, Kay wasn’t actually part of the infiltration. He posted a video to clear the air, while also taking some cracking digs at the rioters. Highlights include: “I’m afraid I wasn’t with all those freaks” and “loving the headgear, but not sure that’s my crowd.”

The charming disco icon went on to wish his fans a Happy New Year and explain that Jamiroquai is keen to get back on the road once COVID-19 has died down a bit more. Check out his full message below:

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