DJ mercilessly trolls Trump with a “funeral mix” at the final MAGA rally

Just before the Capitol building was stormed by protestors, the DJ hired for the final MAGA rally unleashed the troll of the century.

On a day riddled with violence, chaos, and sheer stupidity, the DJ hired for Trump’s Save America Rally has emerged as a national hero. Intended to stir up MAGA supporters against the Democrats’ Senate win in Georgia, the event quickly descended into an utter meme-fest, with stirring renditions of Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On, Linkin Park‘s In The End, and more played over montages of the Trump administration.

Uproxx has dubbed the perfectly-timed playlist a “funeral mix”, complete with Pink Floyd’s Brain Damage and Elton John’s Funeral for a Friend, Candle in the Wind, and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

donald trump maga proud boys

Held in Washington D.C.’s Ellipse, the event saw Proud Boys and MAGA supporters coming together to fuel Donald’s ego just a little bit more. The hired DJ, however, had other plans. Videos of top tier funeral tracks spinning in between speeches and over video montages have since gone viral on Twitter, with users snapping up the opportunity to take the piss even more.

Whether connected or not, the news comes as mobs of pro-Trump storm the US Capitol building to protest the ex-President’s electoral defeat. Egged on by Trump himself, the group have reportedly smashed out the glass of the building, forcibly entered, and are occupying the atrium of the Senate Rotunda.

The invasion occurred just minutes after reports began to circulate that vice-president Mike Pence had refused to reverse Trump’s defeat at the ballots. Several police officers have been injured, one protestor has reportedly died from gunshot wounds, and an explosive device has been located within the crowd.

In a now-deleted Tweet, Ivanka Trump referred to the mob as “American Patriots”, while Donald Trump continued to repeat misinformation about electoral fraud in a message to the crowds. “We love you, you’re all very special,” he announced in a video intended to de-escalate the invasion.