Super Nintendo World just unveiled the food that Toad will be slinging

With the Super Nintendo World theme park opening all too soon, the organisers have given the world a mouthwatering peek at the food that’ll be on offer.

Super Nintendo World is inching closer to reality. We’re only just over a month away from the Feb 4th opening and the promo is coming in thicc. We’ve now been given glorious views of the ridiculous food that is going to be served at this wild place.

The first place to feast in Super Nintendo World is Kinopio’s Cafe – Kinopio being a portmanteau of Kinoko (mushroom) and Pinnochio, which is intended to translate to ‘Real Mushroom Boy’. Everything looks as cute as it looks delicious. Do you even want to eat things this pretty?

Super Nintendo World Japan from a top down view

Here’s a taste of the menu, as per the Super Nintendo World website:

Mario’s Bacon Cheeseburger
Made for Mario himself! This burger comes complete with a mushroom bun and pecorino cheese. The Mario’s hat-shaped pick is yours to take home!

Super Mushroom Pizza Bowl with Mushroom Tomato Sauce
Chef Toad’s secret recipe! Tear open the crispy mushroom pizza crust to reveal savory tomato sauce with bacon and mushrooms.

Piranha Plant Caprese
Watch out! This Piranha Plant might bite back! Try this caprese salad with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil.

Block Tiramisu
In the Mushroom Kingdom, even the desserts are super! This rich truffle tiramisu Question? Block has a cute item inside.

Yoshi's Food for SuperNintendoWorld

Yoshi, not content with competing with Toad for Mario’s appreciation, will be throwing his shell into the ring with these offerings.

GreenShell Calzone Filled with Yakisoba & Cheese
Bite into a Koopa Calzone! Its savory filling of yakisoba and cheese will be sure to leave you shell-shocked.

Yoshi’s Lassi
Enjoy a yogurt lassi made with Yoshi’s favorite fruits and topped with whipped cream. Pick either cantaloupe or mango!”

Travel can’t come back quick enough. For more info on Super Nintendo World check this out.