NSW Government to waive transport fares every Friday until June

NSW Government to waive public transport fares every Friday until June

The free commutes could be extended until the end of the year if transport NSW employees promise not to go on strike.

To make up for numerous public transport inconveniences in recent times, the NSW Government is offering free train trips every Friday until June.

It wasn’t their idea originally, but the news came after the NSW Rail, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) yesterday warned that they would go on strike if the government didn’t waive fairs until June, to make up for the February 21 train shutdown they caused.

Sydney train delays
Credit: AAP/Glenn Campbell

NSW Transport Minister David Elliot addressed the suggestion by announcing they would follow through with free fare Fridays for the entire year, as long as the union promised they would not go on strike.

“People are desperate to get back to work on the back of a pandemic and the natural disaster and the union movement today wants to play games that will bring this city to a standstill,” Elliot told the ABC.

Kind of ironic considering the government was responsible for the major shutdown last month, after they refused to allow transport NSW workers to operate trains.

RTBU NSW Secretary Alex Claassens clarified that the transport union had nothing to do with the standstill, but rather the situation was caused by a “dummy spit” from the NSW Government.

We’ll never say no to our commute being paid for by the government, but hopefully everyone can make it to work on Monday if the strike does go ahead. But can we really blame them if it does?