Medical student surgically implants Bluetooth device in his ear to cheat in final exam

A student at the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College was caught with a surgically implanted Bluetooth listening device before an exam.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and that was certainly the case for a medical student in India. After failing to pass his final exam numerous times, the man, who has remained anonymous, paid a surgeon to implant a Bluetooth device into his ear.

Unfortunately, the student was met with a surprise check when he arrived to the exam, where officials found a phone in his pocket that was connected to a Bluetooth device that they could not find.

Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College
Credit: Google Street View


After rigorous searching, and intense questioning, the student admitted that he had paid a surgeon to implant a covert listening device inside his ear.

He may not have been all over the answers, but surely they let him graduate for his sheer determination to pass the exam.

He’s not the first student in India to attempt an Ocean’s 11-level scheme to cheat in an exam. In September last year, a group of 10 trainee teachers pimped out their thongs by implanting Bluetooth devices into the sole.

The devices were bought from a gang for $8,100 a pop, then connected to a small listening device hidden inside their ear to feed through those sweet, sweet, answers.

Back in 2015, an exam in Bihar state saw dozens of students’ relatives scaling a four-story building to pass notes through the window of the building.

Such efforts led to a school in Haveri forcing their students to wear cardboard boxes on their heads during a test in 2019 – a move that was heavily criticised after photos were circulated.

Horrible situation, but we’ve gotta say – that is a world-class headline.