Number One Jockeys’ debut EP is a captivating journey of folk poeticism

Blue Sky Blues is the latest EP release from Australian folk artist Number One Jockey (aka Scott Thomson).

The EP was recorded earlier this year and demonstrates his ability as a multi-instrumentalist and intriguing lyricist. The entire project was recorded and played by Thomson along with the help of an engineer to mix and master, all to produce what is an elegant and powerful EP.

Number One Jockey

Hailing from the south-coast, singer-songwriter Number One Jockey’s EP Blue Sky Blues is a reminiscent recount of songs inspired by daily visions.

Blue Sky Blues is an ode to daily appreciations, as Thomson pays homage to his friends, love and daily life experiences to inspire his delicate and captivating songwriting. This EP marks the first official collection of singles under Thomson’s artist name Number One Jockey, with many of the song ideas just “falling out onto the table, along with guitar melodies and progressions”.

The EP begins with the title track Blue Sky Blues, which in our interview he elaborated that the rest of the EP followed afterwards. The track is not only lyrically expressive, but there is a nostalgic, stripped-back sense that will stray the listener away from reality. The EP rounds off with the track Love Birds which is equally mnemonic.

There is a unique, poetic aesthetic here akin to Bob Dylan‘s seminal album John Wesley Harding. The prose-like expressionism captures vast pictures in a few well-written lines injecting flare and colour into the scene. What is most clear when listening to this EP is Thomson’s capability to curate a unique vintage sound and an expression of poetry in a musical sense.

“I used a lot of vintage gear in the recording process and that’s half the reason why it sounds like it’s from the 1930s” he says. “All tape filled saturated sounds with the bright vocals and 60s Gibson Electric Guitar, and a Fender Rhodes sits in there too”. 

It’s a beautiful body of work marking a powerful beginning for a striking artist.

Check out Number One Jockey’s live version of Blue Sky Blues, and check out the full EP below: