Nymphae burst open the dynamic electric gear behind their music

The colour-exploding electronic duo, deep-dive head-first into the music gear that cultivates their unique sound.

Coming off the back of their debut single release, Where I’m Going, Nympahe duo Aidan and Ricardo open their treasure chest of tools that create their kaleidoscopic sound. 

Each tool sounds foreign, like from an intergalactic space galaxy, until Nymphae enlightens us on it’s purpose  – from the juicy Serum synth to their Rode HT2-A mic, each instrument lends a hand in perfectly blending their electro-dance sound, like coffee and cigarettes

Here is Nymphae’s gear break down:


This is possibly our favourite soft synth out there. Serum has a crazy amount of versatility when creating sounds and we use it in every track we produce together. You can modulate practically anything inside the synth which opens up endless possibilities in juicing up our sound and creating some interest in a track. We still toast champagne on the anniversary of adding this to our arsenal every year.

MacBook Pro & Logic Pro X & FL Studio

We both use MacBook Pros running Logic Pro X and FL Studio as our DAWs, along with a mix of different plugins from Waves, Output, Native Instruments and Baby Audio to name a few. We usually start a track in Logic and get the majority of bones and structure down together before bouncing stems back and forth between our laptops and adding little bits and pieces individually. Airdrop on Mac is an absolute godsend for this process.


Roland RD-800

There are a lot of great electric pianos but the RD-800 holds a special place in our hearts. It has some extremely tasty piano sounds in the stock bank as well as midi functionality so we often use it as a controller for softs like Serum. The weighted keys also make it feel a lot nicer to play than a lot of exclusively midi controllers out there which helps a lot in creating some tasteful timing imperfections in writing chords and melodies.

Rode NT2-A

This is the newest addition to our studio set up, we just recorded some feature vocals for a new track using it the other day. It’s a naturally smooth and neutral sounding microphone which seems to do justice to any vocals we throw at it. Definitely helps in getting a clean balanced vocal that we can then go to work on with effects and plugins to add texture and atmosphere.

Coffee Percolator

Arguably the most important piece of gear we own. This percolator has fuelled almost every session we’ve ever worked on and really enhances our workflow in the studio. Works especially well when paired with a cigarette.

Have a listen to Nymphae’s intricately textured track below: