Nymphae’s new single ‘Where I’m Going’ will catapult you into outer space

Blue Mountains duo Nymphae unleash a magnified dream track that unlocks fresh sounds in the electronic genre.

Blue Mountains duo Ricardo and Aidan catapult into the Australian music landscape as Nymphae. Both artists crack the ice in the Aussie electronic industry, taking you in a direction that can only be described as a synthetic kaleidoscope.

Where I’m Going stands firmly on its own two feet, with a bass line that shakes even the deepest of roots and the featured voice of Andie Isalie harmonically melting into the track’s intricate rhythm.


The single simply unleashes the imagination, the visual imagery of Where I’m Going defies logic. The 808 basslines saturate the mind, creating swirling Wonka rhythms of thick purples and sapphire blues. The deeply electric synth builds to the climactic chorus, bursting with neon hues.

Andie’s voice bellows deep within the hypnotic sounds, an especially wonderful sound since her personal style completely juxtaposes this track. The artist is known for her dreamy soul textures but Where I’m Going defies all of this logic and unlocks Andie’s calibre in the electronic dance movement.

Nymphae capture the essence of Andie’s voice, mastering an entire galaxy of milky ways and rocket ships in their track. The duo trap us in their melancholic nostalgia web, making you never want to leave it.


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Following the footsteps of their Blue Mountain predecessors Hermitude and Leotrix, Nymphae are walking in the path of the greats, electrifying every nerve and igniting all the senses.

It is incredibly surprising that this track is the first single released by the duo. Their style bursting in every beat of the song slipping, the listener into a dreamy hypnosis.

If Where I’m Going is any indication of the direction Nymphae is headed for, then we should keep our eyes locked on the duo and watch them soar into outer space.

Check out Nymphae’s single below: