LaHi unveils a groove-centric EP that’s ‘the purge’ of emotion we need right now

Unpredictably chic and heralding the confidence of a true professional, LaHi is the jazz-groove concoction of Laura Higgins; a woman on a musical mission.

Whether the verb to purge is immediately something political to you, or purely just a physical connotative phrase – it definitely invokes a response. Aptly titled, the debut EP from LaHi is a tangible invitation to move, to change shape, to release something.

LaHi is Laura Higgins: a frontwoman with charisma in spades. Alongside her band The Diks, Higgins commands attention with her brand of pure originality. Jazznotjazz gets thrown around a lot these days and we would be more inclined to offer up many of the forward slashes that summarise LaHi’s sound but it really just has to be heard to be believed. And as we’re all given the green light to finally stand and sway at live gigs, the timing could not be better to align with this polarising release.

Soothing yet distorted, sensual yet playful, the purge traverses a musical galaxy. Sweep opens up the cacophony of sound that’s consistent across the five tracks of the EP. Buoyant, twangy guitars and slapping baselines support the funk-essence of LaHi’s soundscape. Higgin’s vocals sashay between raspy, dry storytelling, and melismatic runs.

Catch 22 is a cheeky track that lures you in with a feminine drawl. Frisky riffs are completely intoxicating and tease the toe-tapping right out of you. It’s clear that Higgin’s favours a groovy attitude toward her songwriting. Her supreme ability as a singer is showcased in Battlefield as she dances with flickering falsetto and waif-like moments of delicacy. Definitely the slinkiest song on the EP, Battlefield is a relatable love song to the self. It wouldn’t be a modern release if there wasn’t a nod to lockdown. And much like today, Stormy Monday acknowledges the lessons learnt throughout the last year.


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Independently recorded, mixed, mastered and released, the purge is LaHi’s extrication of talent.

LaHi and The Diks are touring the east coast over the next month, continuing on from Sydney’s foundary616 this Wednesday, 24th March.

Enjoy the moody, fluidity of the jazz-fused EP the purge on all usual platforms here.

Listen now on Spotify below: