‘Silicon Valley’ star Thomas Middleditch accused of sexual misconduct

In an exposé published by the L.A. Times, Thomas Middleditch has been accused of sexual misconduct at Los Angeles nightclub Cloak & Dagger in 2019.

CW: Sexual misconduct

The sexual assault allegation against Thomas Middleditch was revealed in a report in which 10 women, amongst whom were four Cloak & Dagger former employees, told The Times that co-founders Adam Bravin and Michael Patterson ignored sexual misconduct amongst members of the club and at affiliated music festivals.

Club-goer Hannah Harding has revealed that Thomas Middleditch, known for his role as Richard Hendricks on HBO’s Silicon Valley, made “lewd sexual overtures toward [her] and [her] girlfriend” at the notorious, now-closed L.A. venue.

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After Harding turned Middleditch’s initial advances down, she described how he allegedly “kept pursuing her, groping her in front of her friends and several employees, including the club’s operations manager, Kate Morgan.”

In the original L.A. Times report, Harding supplied her Instagram DMs from Middleditch for the Times, which say: “Hannah I had no idea my actions were that weird for you … I know you probably want to just put me on blast as a monster … I don’t expect you to want to be my friend or anything … I am so ashamed I made you uncomfortable.”

Both Bravin, who has previously DJ’ed for Barack Obama and Patterson, a Grammy-nominated composer, have been accused by members and/or former employees of ignoring both members and staff’s complaints of abuse and sexual misconduct.

Patterson responded to the allegations in a statement: “As far as I am aware, they reported every incident to us, and to my knowledge, we dealt with every single issue brought to our attention.”