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Play vintage synths through AR at Google’s new electronic music exhibition

Google has introduced a new exhibition inviting participants to explore the history and legacy of electronic music through augmented reality.

Google Arts and Culture is harnessing the power of AR to showcase the history and legacy of electronic music. In collaboration with over 50 museums, festivals, educational establishments and labels, the Music, Makers and Machines Exhibition is a unique, hands-on virtual experience.

Involving an exploration into iconic synthesizers, studios and music venues, Google’s new free platform has become a gateway into the realm of audio engineering, music production and performance. Featuring over 13,000 archived photos, videos, editorial features, electronic music scenes, sounds and famous cities, the exhibition was designed as an educational interface as well as partnering with schools for online learning.

google synth exhibition

During a time where the music industry has been hit hard by the global pandemic, shutting down venues and limited access to studios and live performance, Googles’s exhibition is a fun and informative way to experience the most exciting qualities of electronic music.

Some of its best features include the AR synth experiment conducted by the Google Arts and Culture Lab, giving access to five vintage synths and samplers via virtual reality taken from the Swiss Museum for Electronic Music. This collection is made up of the ARP Odyssey, Moog Memorymoog, Roland CR78, Akai S900 and Fairlight CMI.

The feature also enables you to scan your surroundings, dragging and dropping instruments into the space to play with and explore. Through this, you can engage with a 16 step sequencer with the added ability to input your own notes.

This interactive multi-media extravaganza is a real treasure trove into the history and progressions of the electronic music genre, a must-see experience for anyone interested in its background and development and missing the live music experiences currently facing heavy restrictions.

Check it out here.