Off Judy star as old blokes on the piss in the ‘Tie My Shoes’ music video

The always cruisey, always boozy legends Off Judy have released a hilarious music video for their down-tempo, garage-rock tune, Tie My Shoes.

Kiwi-born mates and Byron Bay giggers Finn Mcildowie and Tom Cameron-Duncan form Off Judy. Their summery debut EP Grow Up was an absolute treat to zone out to, but the boys’ output hasn’t stopped there.

Let’s take a gander at their new and cheeky music video for Tie My Shoes and what the fellas have to say about it.

Off Judy

The opening shot depicts an older man, fallen asleep on the couch, a bottle of Jameson in hand, while the TV plays a group of twerking girls. This hilarious and efficient visual storytelling is the work of David Connor, a mate of the band. After groggily waking and patting his cat, the older man pops over to the local for some beers with another old codger.

The beers stack up, they have a cheeky slap on the races, and eventually, they begin performing Tie My Shoes at the pub. If you’re wondering how they managed to score the location, Tom actually works at the pub they’re at. Nicely done, Tom. Anyway, back to the video.

The Off Judy boys playing themselves as older men, still on the piss and still mates, is a witty idea. They both rock the whole bearded look a little too easily, no lie. However, don’t be fooled by all the humour. There’s still plenty of substance in the music video to match the lyrical themes of the track.

“The song is essentially trying to get the message across that nothing ever lasts, so don’t get down when things aren’t going great,” Off Judy commented. It’s a worthy sentiment, reflected sweetly in the video. If these two old blokes are still hanging out and having a good time, you’re going to be okay too.

Like the lyric says, “lately I’ve been so caught up, trying not to give a fuck”. The boys admitted that the video accidentally turned out like a “stupid semi-comedy”, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s full of heart and doesn’t take itself too seriously, just the Off Judy themselves.

Listen to their debut EP Grow Up below: