OK GO have created yet another mind-fuckingly awesome video clip

Remember 10 years ago when OK GO made an awesome low budget film clip and everyone lost their shit? Did you know since then they’ve done a bunch more since then that have included collaborations with ROSCOSMOS (the Russia equivalent of NASA) and the California Institute of Technology? And did you know they’re still making music and putting put hectic film clips? Well they are.

ok go new video

OK GO have created yet another mind-fuckingly awesome super slow-motion video clip utilising just 4.2 seconds of footage containing 325 separate events.

Their latest visual effort is for their track The One Moment from a record they put out two years ago. Playing on the song title in both a literal and figurative sense, the clip utilises just 4.2 seconds of footage where 325 separate events occur.

Seems impossible right? Well, those 4.2 seconds are then stretched out to the full length of the track, with some of the moments slowed down by as much as 20,000 percent.

“I’ve always had a fascination with slow-mo footage – it almost feels like cheating because everything in slow-mo is beautiful,” OK GO frontman Damian Kulash told Rolling Stone. And we have to agree. The whole thing is a bit of a mind fuck, in a beautiful way. Check it out below: