Daydream: One Day Kings’ Revived Pop Punk Journey

One Day Kings new pop punk EP Daydream is a bold new statement with enough stadium-fuelled nostalgia to keep older Warped tour attendees happy.

Pop punk, once an unlikely genre, became mainstream in the ’90s. Skateboard culture and leather fashion dominated its aesthetic in 90’s America. Amidst its commercial success, sub-genres emerged to maintain authenticity.

One Day Kings blend heartfelt lyrics, powerful sound, and captivating personalities, resonating with fans of Sum 41, All Time Low, New Found Glory, Yellowcard, and Paramore. They embody pop punk’s evolution while charting their own unique path.

One Day Kings

Bursting out of Melbourne’s suburbs with their fun-loving brand of original pop punk, One Day Kings recently released their EP, titled “Daydream.” Comprising four short and punchy tracks, the band showcases their talent for crafting catchy hooks and enjoyable riffs. Despite the lightheartedness, they hint at a darker side through song titles like ‘Wasted Youth’ and ‘The Worst Day Of My Life’.

The EP takes a contemplative turn with its fifth track, ‘Grey,’ a mellow, stripped-back ballad that adds a pensive and melancholic touch to the five-track collection. However, the rest of the record takes the listener on an energetic journey, swinging, swaying, and stomping through stadium-worthy choruses, proving One Day Kings’ prowess as serious contenders for larger rock events.

one day kings

After a spirited revival with the release of two singles between 2017 and the previous year, One Day Kings proudly present their latest five tracks as a testament to their camaraderie and creativity as a modern rock band. They are determined to deliver classic pop punk energy reminiscent of the noughties, infused with a fresh and contemporary vibe.

Having gigged since 2014, One Day Kings have graced the stages of many iconic Melbourne venues, including The Esplanade, The Evelyn, The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar, and The Workers Club. They recently performed at The Leadbeater Hotel in early December, and they are excited to return there on July 27 to celebrate the EP launch alongside their friends in the bands Latent Sense and Swim State.

“Daydream” can best be described as a sharply constructed piece of modern pop punk, featuring catchy vocal hooks and headbanging tempos. It stands as a symbol of a band reborn, amalgamating elements from the eclectic influences of its four creators to produce a distinct energy that was palpable in the studio and is now eagerly anticipated to resonate on the stage.

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Review by Corin Shearston