Over 1 million dollars worth of cocaine just casually washed up on Florida Beach

US Border patrol has seized over 1 million dollars worth of cocaine after it washed up on Florida Beach last Monday.

Over 1 million dollars worth of cocaine washed up on Florida Beach, in what was a major drug bust for Hollywood police last Monday.

The neatly packaged drugs were spotted by local beachgoers who contacted police. The narcotics have since been handed over to Border Patrol agents.


In a statement issued by the Miami Sector of the US Border Patrol, they described that the “30 packages of cocaine weighed approximately 78 pounds with an estimated street value of over one million dollars“.

However, what is even more troubling is that the latest bust is just one of many, with the Border Patrol Miami sector reportedly seizing over 210 pounds of cocaine over the course of July and August.

Chief patrol officer John Modlin, an active Twitter user, shared that $884,000 worth of cocaine had washed up along the Florida Keys coastline towards the end of July.

He further verified the narcotics problem in an interview with CNN, stating that, “These recent seizures represent hundreds of pounds of narcotics that will not make it into our streets or into our communities. We are grateful for the community’s support to our border security mission here in Florida.”