POOKIE unleashes a sweltering hip-hop masterpiece on her debut ‘tuesday’

On her debut single, POOKIE has crafted a groove-laden anthem of authenticity. Deep and detailed, tuesday cascades in cool and contagious beats.

There are very few times in your life where you come across music that radiates pure heat. Whether it’s due to fresh blends of genre, burning lyricism, or deep reflections, these are the songs that leave you speechless from the moment they begin. Melbourne rapper POOKIE (a.k.a. Aćol Agaar Apollo) is an artist delivering such tracks. Rather than focusing on one of these blazing elements, she melts all three together and sets the pot to simmer: serving up a flavourful blend of genre, fiery lyricism, and a nuance that keeps you wanting more.

You just need to look to her debut single for proof. tuesday is rich but not in the way that most jazz-influenced records are, holding power in its subtly rather than its prestige. Glazed in sultry bass grooves and speaking to more than itself, POOKIE’s debut will have you hooked from the moment it begins.

pookie tuesday

As a debut, tuesday is immaculate in every possible way. A perfect blend of hip-hop and jazz flairs, there’s a distinct jumpiness to the track that is impossible to ignore. Textured layers of groove are in constant collision with each other, combining into the sultry yet badass cadence delivered to us. Layer on Apollo’s irresistible flow and Baasto’s lush hooks, and you’ve got yourself a verified masterpiece, drenched in charm and vibe.

However, the artist’s lyricism is so silky smooth that it’s easy to submerge yourself in her sonic rather than her meaning. Conceptually, tuesday is a channel between Apollo’s experience growing up as a South Sudanese woman in Australia and her passion for artistic expression. It’s no surprise that she unravels this with eloquence, speaking to the struggles of many creatives attempting to expand the Australian industry.


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“I produced and wrote this song in the dead of quarantine (when its gloom was evaporating the lies we tell/told ourselves) before sending it to my sis Baasto,” the artist explains. “She doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to serving flavour. ‘tuesday’ is about quality over quantity in your circles. It’s about solitude, the hustle, self-guidance, and even offers some advice on how to deal with time wasters.”

Smoother than silk and with no second left to waste, tuesday just shows the sheer force of Apollo’s creative reach. It is a track brimming with confidence and a tone that’ll have you hitting rewind for days.

Check out the track below: