Want a surf lesson from Olympic medalist Owen Wright? AirBnB are offering one up for just $40

For $40, you and your family can stay in Byron for four nights, and score a free surfing session with the legend himself, Owen Wright.

If someone said $40 could take me and the fam to a gorgeous Byron surf shack for four nights, plus nab a surfing lesson with Owen Wright, I’d probably say you’re dreaming.

But this time, my eyes are wide open. The opportunity is here, and this ridiculously insane summer getaway can be all yours, thanks to Airbnb, Surfing Australia, and yes, Owen Wright, the surf legend himself.

Owen Wright
The Wright Family’s Paradiso Property

How is this possible? A fair question. Considering the rough go coastline communities and the tourism industry have endured during the pandemic, Airbnb and Surfing Australia are looking to hit the ground running these summer holidays.

That’s why they’ve teamed up with Owen to put on this wondrous deal, helping local hosts and communities get back on their feet.

Where do I sign up?

If you and your family are thirsting for a four-day Byron getaway at Owen’s Paradiso Property and surf lesson this Summer for $40 (so basically everyone reading this), the booking opens next week at 12:00 pm AEDT, Wednesday November 24th.

If you score the coveted booking, Owen will take you out to one of his favourite surf spots, where you can learn the ways of the board from the Olympic medalist.

Owen Wright

What if I miss out?

Even if you miss out on the $40 deal, your dream summer getaway isn’t over. Owen has curated a list of his favourite surf destinations, with some Airbnb recommendations spots close by for your convenience. The list includes classic Aussie coastlines such as Forster, Narooma, and of course, Byron, which the surfer admits has the “best cafes, beaches and all-round good time!”

Check out the full list here. No matter where you end up, we hope you have a wonderful summer full of salt water and memorable moments.