Former Trump Staff Warned Against Playing Taylor Swift

Former Trump aide, Olivia Troye, was asked if she was “trying to get fired” after playing Taylor Swift in her office.

The former homeland security, counterterrorism and COVID-19 adviser to Vice President Mike Pence reportedly played Taylor Swift’s music a bit too loudly after losing an argument at work.

At first glance, it may seem fair enough that someone could object to an unsolicited blaring of Love StoryWhere the shock value comes in, however, is in her colleague’s reasoning.

Olivia Troye. Credit: The New Yorker

In a recent interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, discussing her time in the Trump administration, Troye explained that a colleague asked, “Are you trying to get fired?” Initially confused she replied, “For being blunt in meetings, or for what?”

At this, her co-worker hilariously countered, “I don’t think [Swift] is a fan of Trump’s, so if somebody hears that you should really watch your back. You should be careful on that.”

Troye told Hayes she was “astonished“, contending that she “should be able to listen to whatever music I want.”

Perhaps it’s unsurprising that Trump’s fragile ego would struggle with any artist who didn’t outwardly support him. It would seem that if this was the general White House policy, the list of accepted artists would be pitifully short.

It’s said that Troye was just trying to blow off some steam after losing an argument, then who can blame her for pumping some of Taylor’s confident, country laced pop.

Taylor Swift made headlines last week having released her re-recording of the decade-old album, Red. The release premiered on Friday (November 13) and is playfully titled, Red (Taylor’s Version).

Troye resigned from her role in the White House in August 2020 and endorsed Joe Biden for president.