Oxford Poet’s incredible new EP Reverie is a damn good time

Oxford Poet feel like the kind of band you blare through the stereo of your old, decrepit van on a road trip up the coast with your mates.

Your stereo may be old and shitty, but the tunes are so good it doesn’t really matter. You’re all squashed together, but it’s still a damn good time.

Reverie, the new EP from Sydney five-piece Oxford Poet is brimming with good times and a laid-back nature that’ll leave you in a deep groove.

On their new EP Reverie, Oxford Poet take the best characteristics of varying forms of alt-rock and craft something uniquely their own.

Made up of lead vocalist and keyboard player Alex Carlo-Stella, lead guitarist and vocalist Connor Davie, rhythm guitarist Jimmy Hill, bassist Banjo Hadley, and drummer Liam Robson, the Sydney-based five-piece have already, in a relatively short period of time, created a confident sense of their collective identity. 

The EP’s title track Reverie is a soulful and charismatic opener that builds with searing guitar solos, before launching into the punchy and infectious second track Trigger.

Otherwise is a woozy break from the EP’s crunching hooks, creating a really interesting dynamic in the track-listing.

EP closer What’s Inside is the perfect finale, showcasing the band’s ability to weave indie-rock anthems that we’re pretty certain will be hits sooner rather than later.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the Reverie EP above.