Oz Comic-Con is returning in 2021 with a pop-up weekend

Bust out your favourite costume because Oz Comic-Con, the purest place to let your freak flag fly, is coming back in 2021.

We need to start this article by saying, as always, nothing is guaranteed, ever. With that in mind, Oz Comic-Con is going full steam ahead with plans for a 2021 offering. Prior to the full launch of events from June through September, on March 6th and 7th we’re looking at a pop-up weekend packed with all the goods you’d expect to see at OCC.

It’ll be a little different from what we’re used to from OCC. Instead of the free-for-all wandering around you’re accustomed to, we were informed that the event will be abiding by all guidelines and regulations set by government authorities including sessioned tickets, social distancing, and increased monitoring methods. Phew.

OCC Cosplay

What this means is that the event will be pretty heavily structured – we’re talking timed events, limited capacity, or potentially enforced seating, depending on where we’re at at that point. It’s worth reiterating that this is an OCC pop-up rather than the full-bore event.

It’s possible that this is a test of the waters to see how the full machine will roll out later on the year. What we do know is that after a long year away, OCC will be going ham to ensure you have the best possible time. We’ve been promised panels with Aussie creators and a local cosplay competition so far, with a slew of announcements to come.

The term ‘new normal’ is one we’re all sick of hearing at this point, so here’s hoping this event gives us a taste of the new weird instead.

Tickets are on sale now, and keep up to date with any changes at the OCC website.