Pacific Heights taps CHAII and Kings for a swirling new single '405'

Pacific Heights taps CHAII and Kings for a swirling new single ‘405’

On his latest single, Pacific Heights welcomes us into a searing atmosphere of flow and cadence.

Pacific Heights (a.k.a. Devin Abrams) is never one to disappoint. Ever since his debut, the New Zealand producer has been crafting deeply textural and contoured soundscapes that whisk audiences away. His latest release is certainly no exception.

At its core, 405 is an escapist’s dance anthem that can transform any club floor into a revolving kaleidoscope of colours and space. With Aotearoa’s incredible CHAII and Kings also jumping on for vocals, this is a track not to be missed.

pacific heights

405 is bursting at the seams with ambient tones that feel deeply textured and vibrant at the same time. The track’s video captures this perfectly, unravelling Pacific Heights’ soundscape into a visually dynamic masterpiece that blends vintage, neon, and psychedelic tones into a swirling visualiser.

CHAII and Kings’ vocals bring a richness to the track that’s impossible to ignore. Cascading with warm, golden tones and an air-tight flow, CHAII unleashes a bilingual verse that could stop you dead in your tracks, while Kings’ soulful tones sear through the single’s sweltering beats.

This silky cadence is perfectly aligned with the earthy depth of Heights’ production and the single’s visuals. Directed by Oscar Keys Photography, the artist revealed that these aesthetics reflected “some of the inspirations behind the song; being in LA and thinking about being home.”

Pacific Heights has unleashed a stylish masterpiece that knows exactly how to align glossy tones with sultry beats.

Do yourselves a favour and dive into this incredible release below: