Paddy Echo spins straight-up magic on new track still Fall For You

Kiwi singer-songwriter Paddy Echo has been releasing sweeping pop tunes which are nothing short of mesmerising.

His latest single Still Fall For You is the perfect sonic concoction, combining his fresh perspective on music with a classic twist.

paddy echo new zealand

The fact that Paddy Echo studied orchestration shines through on Still Fall For You, every instrument carrying a heavy sense of purpose and value.

Unsurprisingly, Still Fall For You offers listeners a chance to delve into the mind of Paddy Echo as he explores deep feelings of love, loss and confusion when a relationship begins to fall apart. Echo’s unique lyrical sensibility is impressive, to say the least, making you hang on to each and every word he sings with beautiful clarity.

The accompanying music video creates a gloomy yet beautiful aesthetic, following Echo as he goes about his day, focussing on a deep sense of being and feeling alone.

’50s and ’60s Motown music heavily influence Echo, and it’s clear that the artist enjoys blending his original sounds with the classics that he loves from his youth.

“I want to keep it contemporary and push that pop sound, which I’ve never really done before, but I also really want to incorporate all the stuff that I love from older music.”

Paddy Echo has experienced a unique musical palette over the course of his life, leading him to approach songwriting in a new and unconventional way. The result of this is pop music that stands out boldly, especially within the New Zealand scene.

It’s clear that Paddy Echo has set his visions for the top, and he very well could be on the way.