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‘Patch and Tweak with Moog’: a how-to guide for Moog synths

Patch and Tweak with Moog offers a beautifully detailed look into the world of synthesizers, and is the result of a year-long collaboration.

Moog and Bjooks have teamed up to provide the “ultimate resource for Moog synthesizer enthusiasts“.

Written by author, designer, and electronic musician Kim Bjørn, Patch and Tweak with Moog features 200 pages of synthesizer techniques, patch ideas, sound-design tips, artist interviews, in-depth discussions with Moog engineers, and an outline of Moog’s iconic history.

PATCH & TWEAK with Moog

The book’s focus is on Moog’s line of semi-modular synthesizers, the Mother-32, DFAM, Subharmonicon, Grandmother, and Matriarch. Patch and Tweak with Moog details techniques, overviews, patches, and tips for each of these instruments, as well as expanded options for advanced Moog users.

For beginners, the book introduces the concept of modular synthesis. It gives a detailed description of terms and concepts through images, graphs and easy-to-read descriptions. It really might be the only thing you need to get started (other than a synth of course).

PATCH & TWEAK with Moog

The book also features 30 interviews, with composers, producers, and artists like Suzanne Ciani, Trent Reznor, Lisa Bella Donna, Paris Strother, Hannes Bieger, Stranger Things composers Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon, and Moog synthesizer co-inventor Herb Deutsch.

Patch and Tweak with Moog is set for release on November 6. You can pre-order now on the Bjooks website.