Pati AF delivers a midnight ballad with new single ‘Acceptance’

“How am I supposed to know the role I play?” Aotearoa’s Pati AF sings on her stirring confessional track ‘Acceptance’.  

Pati AF has delivered an introspective midnight ballad with her latest single ‘Acceptance’.

Carried by warm acoustic and nostalgic guitars, the track sees the Aotearoa musician reflect on her self-worth and resilience, with the assist of trap-like drums and tinny synths.

Pati AF 'Acceptance'

The single begins as a pure singer-songwriter cut, with sparse instrumentation that rightfully forefronts Pat AF’s versatile vocals. 

At any given moment, the singer can transition from airy whispers to full-bodied and soulful belts, with her vulnerability brought to life by plucky electric guitars.

These opening moments establish Pati AF’s knack for pop-infused balladry, but she goes on to tread new sonic territories as the song progresses. The chorus of ‘Acceptance’ brims with atmospheric synths, and the crunchier beats bring a distinct R&b feel. 

Here, she bleeds seamlessly into the lulling rhythms, with further texture in the form of subtle dream-pop synths. Pati AF matches the sound with her vocal flexibility, switching cadences and tones with finesse.

Pati AF 'Acceptance'

She pairs it all with deeply vulnerable lyricism, laying bare her insecurities before finding hope in her own strength. 

“How am I supposed to know the role I play?” she sings in one of multiple vulnerable moments, “I feel like I’m asking for way too much.”

This confessional storytelling brings honesty and personality to the track, as Pati AF ultimately declares her “grief for the girl that I’ll never be.”

These intimate yet universal lines spotlight Pati AF as a songwriting talent, allowing listeners into what feels like the pages of her own diary. ‘Acceptance’ will be accompanied by an official music video duo out soon.

Directed by Christian Munokoa, the video marks a departure from Pat AF’s typical visual style with a one-take shot detailing the quiet emotional aftermath of an argument, from the hope of avoidance, to the tragedy of acceptance, and the peace of moving forward. 

‘Acceptance’ is the latest in a long string of equally stellar singles from Pati AF, who was formerly known as Disciple Pati and whose debut track, ‘Essence’, arrived in 2020.

She adopted her current stage name in 2023, and ushered in the new era with singles ‘Run and Hide’, ‘Be My All’, and ‘Acceptance’. 

Listen to Pati AF’s latest single ‘Acceptance’ below.