Introducing PCP Eagles

If you go to the mall, you suck…

So goes the punk anthem from Auckland’s PCP Eagles, aptly entitled I Hate the Mall. Their debut 7 track EP of the same name was released in December 2012. Since then, these party boys have been touring Australia and New Zealand, bringing their raucous energy and sweaty chests to many a beer soaked pub near you.

pcp eagles

PCP Eagles’ Bandcamp tags the boys under “Orgcore”, a term that until today was unknown to me. After a quick consultation with the Interwebs, I discovered that: The typical fan sports a beard and flannel, and keeps a PBR nearby, but it’s important not to confuse orgcorers for hipsters: the facial hair is non-ironic (for the most part) and the music is considerably better. 

Stoopid, cynical (but often strangely accurate) Urban Dictionary definitions aside, PCP Eagles are well worth a listen. Stand out track is (naturally) I Hate The Mall. One listen, and you’ll be transported to a mosh pit full of facial hair, cheap beer and sweat. FUCK WESTFIELD!



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