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People are still finding secrets hidden within the packaging of Bowie’s Blackstar

Some time has passed since David Bowie left us, but the legendary artist still manages to find his way into our lives in mysterious ways. Whether or not you subscribe to the theory that the Starman was holding the fabric of the universe together (see: all of 2016), you can’t deny the lasting effect he has had.

Always one for intrigue and innovation, it’s only just coming to light that Bowie left us with a number of hidden delights submerged within his last record.


The legend of Blackstar continues: it’s going on a year since David Bowie passed, but if anyone was going to keep surprising us from the grave, it was him.

While most people originally saw the album art for ★ (Blackstar) as simplistic, new intricacies are being unearthed some time after the record was released. After a fan discovered that a galaxy appeared when you expose the record to sunlight (pictured above), people all over the world joined the search.

For example, a twitter user recently discovered that the cover becomes much more vibrant under a blacklight:

But the most subtle discovery of all is hidden within the very font chosen for Blackstar. One typographer identified that the font Bowie employed came from the Lazarus family, sharing it’s name with Bowie’s Blackstar stage band. Furthermore the font itself is called Terminal, for which the meaning should be obvious.

Apparently, there’s much that has yet to be found as well. What other secrets could be hidden in the mysterious album?

Via Consequence of Sound.


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November 18, 2016