Pete Davidson increased his security after Kanye West threatened to beat him up

According to friends of the SNL comedian, Pete hired extra security after hearing Kanye threaten to beat him up.

Kanye West recently leaked a new track titled Easy featuring The Game in which he is heard talking shit about his ex’s new bf.

He dissed his soon-to-be-ex-wife Kim Kardashian and of course, in his classically toxic manner, her new boyfriend Pete Davidson, saying: “God saved me from that crash just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s ass,”

“Pete isn’t worried about Kanye, but he is concerned about the massive fanbase that Kanye has. His devoted followers listen to his songs and act upon them. That’s why Pete is now using security,” sources told Radar.

“Until recently Pete never had security with him when he was out and about, even when he was engaged to Ariana Grande. But dating Kim (Kardashian) is a totally different level of fame. Pete is now a superstar, which comes with a price. As much as he still wants to be low-key and hang with his friends, the reality of his situation has changed.”

Of course, this could be entirely made up to squeeze a little more juice out of a pretty funny but largely unhealthy story.

Listen to the track in question below.