Pete Evans is under fire for posting a neo-Nazi meme on social media

Pete Evans has been called “a fucking idiot” after claiming that COVID-19 is not contagious and posting neo-nazi symbolism on social media.

In just another chapter of the stupidity that is Pete Evans, the former My Kitchen Rules judge has recently been called out for posting neo-nazi content on social media and apparently victim-blaming those who have contracted COVID-19.

Evans is now being heavily criticized on social media, with one Melbourne GP, Dr Vyom Sharma, referring to him as a “fucking idiot”.

pete evans

Yesterday, Pete Evans shared a meme on Facebook and Instagram which depicted a MAGA hat-wearing caterpillar having drinks with a butterfly bearing a Black Sun Nazi on its wings.

One of the most instrumental men in the Holocaust, Heinrich Himmler was responsible for developing the Black Sun logo, which acts as a substitute for the Nazi swastika. Recently, the symbol has been picked up again by alt-right neo-Nazi groups that which promote ideologies of hatred and discrimination.

In the comments, one person pointed out the Black Sun symbol, which was used in 2019 by the Christchurch shooter, writing, “The Symbol on the butterfly is a representation of the black sun.”

In response, Evans wrote, “I was waiting for someone to see that”.

Some commenters have pointed out that perhaps Evans is using the image as a way to denounce neo-nazism and criticise Trump supporters. However, this seems quite unlikely due to the heavy amount of MAGA merch Evans has been seen wearing in the lead up to the 2020 US presidential election.


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Over the weekend, Evans also came under fire for apparent victim-blaming of those who have died after contracting coronavirus.

In an online interview, Evans states that it is unfair that we are not allowed to go outside because “other people are sick, and have chosen different pathways”, effectively stating that others should not have to change the way they live during a global pandemic because it was the choices that COVID-patients made which led to them being sick.

When asked whether he thought the virus was contagious, he responded, “I choose not to believe that narrative because it makes no sense to me”, to which Melbourne GP, Dr. Vyom Sharma responded on Twitter, “Einstein’s theory of special relativity makes no sense to me. But I believe the narrative because I know there are people out there who are smarter than me, and know more things. And hence I rely on my GPS when driving.”

At the very least, this doctor casually referring to Pete Evans as “the literal Merriam Webster definition of a ‘fucking idiot'” is probably one of the best things to come out of 2020.