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Gibson pays homage to Peter Frampton with new ‘Phenix’ Les Paul Custom VOS

Gibson has celebrated one of the most recognisable exponents of the Les Paul. Meet the Peter Frampton ‘Phenix’ Les Paul Custom VOS.

Peter Frampton is a guitarist who hardly needs an introduction. Kicking off his career as a teenager, he found worldwide fame in the ’70s with his double live album, Frampton Comes Alive! All the while, he had his ‘Phenix’ Les Paul strapped over his shoulder.

Now Gibson has paid the ultimate tribute to this icon of the axe, announcing the Peter Frampton ‘Phenix’ Les Paul Custom VOS (which stands for Vintage Original Specifications).

Peter Frampton 'Phenix' Les Paul VOS
Peter Frampton with the new ‘Phenix’ Les Paul Custom VOS. Photo: Rob Arthur

Peter Frampton has a more special relationship with the Gibson Les Paul than most. While on tour, the guitar was in a plane that crashed en route from Venezuela to Panama. Understandably, he thought the guitar was gone forever, until decades later it was discovered and returned to its rightful owner.

Throughout his career, he’s been an innovator. Famously collaborating with the likes of David Bowie, George Harrison and many more, his sound is immediately recognisable, as he often infused his guitar tone with the talk box.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the look and sound.” Frampton says of the new ‘Phenix’. “Gibson has gone that extra mile in every area to make this feel and sound the closest to my original, storied Phenix Les Paul Custom guitar.

Visit Gibson for more details.