Philip La Rosa finds inner peace on new single ‘Paradise’

Philip La Rosa wants your attention on his brand new sultry groove Paradise.

Slowly flowing through the relaxed and peaced-out three minutes, La Rosa seems comfortable in his new oasis.

Philip La Rosa’s new groove Paradise shows the singer-songwriter at peace with the beauty of a loving and caring relationship.

The song has a summery and calm feel while retaining La Rosa’s pop sensibilities. With lyrics looking at acceptance and interpersonal situations, La Rosa exudes confidence. It is also the first song he wrote on the piano, showing that stripped-back and bare-essentials melodic yearning.

The new track takes an inward look at his 7-year relationship with his boyfriend. La Rosa originally didn’t feel comfortable to express his love out loud, however, with Paradise, his confidence reflects how at peace and relaxed he seems to be. The track was recorded in LA with up and coming producer Nick Kandler, giving off that sunbaked and palm-tree care-free nature of a Californian summer.

To use La Rosa’s own words, “The journey of our love has honestly been like running through Paradise. But even in Paradise, we can trip and fall over sometimes. The beauty of being in a loving and caring relationship is we get to pull each other up, point out where we went wrong and keep running. So the idea of falling when I’m with him, doesn’t even scare me. The secondary meaning to the song is of course, that feeling of pure ecstasy when I’m with him.”

La Rosa seems to keep raking in the streams with tens of thousands of listens on many of his tracks. It looks like Paradise will only increase this rising star’s stature.

Listen to the new track above.