PREMIERE: Lexxicon spins the world’s complexities into RnB bliss on ‘Paradise’

It’s nothing revolutionary to say that this year has forced us to turn inwards. Collapsing our entire worlds into the four walls of our homes, left alone with our thoughts, many of us have sought ways to escape our current surroundings. On his latest single, Lexxicon seeks this refuge in an oasis of echoing RnB and then goes a step further. 

Written and produced during the pandemic, Paradise offers introspection among the artist’s defining styles. Combining the moodiness of RnB, the vibrancy of dancehall, and the restlessness of lyrical production, Lexxicon has served up his most poignant, powerful work to date.

Lexxicon, paradise, rnb, isolation, new single, premiere, Canadian musicIf the complexities of our past year could be spun into sonic, how would it sound? Lexxicon has answered this question in the most captivating way imaginable. His latest single Paradise is an escapist’s guide to RnB, woven among deeply intricate soundscapes.

As an entity, Paradise is smooth, ethereal, and refined. It is one of those few production-heavy gems that knows when to tastefully pull back, allowing for a soundscape to develop and mellow. However, the single speaks to so much more than its outward appearance.

Lexxicon uses the three-minute track to blend his past, present, and imagined. Submerged in the agonies of isolation, the Canadian artist traces longing in the margins of his background, commanding a level of sonic sensitivity that is uniquely his own.

“The theme for the EP is escape, but, despite trying to runway, we always take our human nature with us which eventually leads to the same feelings of isolation and pain. We must learn to live with pain and love simultaneously,” the artist explains.


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BOOM BOOM POW new track this Friday!!!! It’s called Paradise and it’s the 2nd single off the upcoming Ep Tropical R&B coming Aug 14. MARK DI BLOODCLOT CALENDAR it’s a moody ass song. Cover art @nootherart Engineer @duppz Producer @eberworks

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Yet, as introspective as Lexxicon’s lyrics are, they also capture the much-needed unrest and change which has emerged from the worldwide Black Lives Matter movement. “Been Looking for paradise, for some time, still can’t find it, just shame inside/Been Looking for paradise, none in my life, pain on rewind, no relief in sight,” he sings on Paradise.

“All the constant videos of black deaths on social media have been extremely overwhelming,” the Canadian artist reflects. “With this song, I’m expressing the need to find somewhere safe to escape to—the lyric ‘Been looking for paradise’ reflects that finding a place to belong takes time, but it’s worth the search.”

Paradise is formidable. Armoured through its subtly, the track cascades around the complexities wrought by the past year and delivers audiences into a fresh light. Rhythm propels us forward while the artist’s command of genre ushers us towards what’s important.

There’s no denying that Lexxicon is an artist who you’ll be hearing a lot more of.

Check out Paradise below: