The Pinheads sign to Farmer And The Owl and release their first single

It has been a massive week for The Pinheads. They have just been signed to Farmer And The Owl, the label who run the show behind the scenes for Hockey Dad, and run the massively successful Farmer And The Owl Festival. On top of that they have a new single ready to be rolled out. It’s called I Wanna Be A Girl, and it’s magically scary stuff.

The Pinheads are a six/seven piece from the Leisure Coast (the Gong), which has been churning out major talent at a rate that is giving Perth a run for it’s money (i.e: Shining Bird, Hockey Dad, Los Tones etc). I Wanna Be A Girl is their first single. It’s blissful early-60s rock ‘n’ roll, with fuzzy twang and 60s harmonies scattered all over it. The Farmer And The Owl dudes have a great eye for killer garage rock and The Pinheads are no exception.

The track is the title and lead single for an EP due out in July. It was recorded in a shack in the bush, and mixed and mastered by Own Penglis (Straight Arrows), so you know it’s going to be rough as guts in the best possible way.

They have a few local shows coming up too, be sure to catch these guys now so that when they are huge you can be all like, “hey! I was totally at their first gig man!” We’ve got you back. Details below:

May 14 – Oxford Art factory (Gallery Bar) – Sydney
May 16 – RAD – Wollongong
May 17 – Finbox (Outside, backyard), All Ages – Thirroul