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Pioneer DDJ-FLX4: The DJ Controller Made for the Modern DJ

We checked out the Pioneer DDJ-FLX4: a 2-channel DJ controller, that’s a complete vibe. It’s what every modern DJ would want including its software rekordbox that can use used on a smartphone!

If you know Pioneer’s legacy DDJ-400, you’ll feel right at home with the DDJ-FLX4. Its got a club style inspired layout, while remaining small and compact (perfect for beginners and aspiring DJs), as well as having all the features that professional DJs look for.

The Pioneer DDJ-FLX4 has a range of features that make it more intuitive to work on, breaking down several barriers that makes getting into DJ’ing so intimidating.

This is multi-device compatible — which means you can use it with any Mac or Windows computer as well as any iOS, Android or iPadOS device. Along with the rest of the FLX family, it’s compatible rekordbox AND Serato DJ giving you the flexibility to explore both platforms.

And now the new rekordbox mobile app is available for iOS and Android – allowing you to mix directly from your smartphone or tablet over USB or over Bluetooth. With this, you can power it via usb power adapter or usb charger bank, allowing you take this anywhere.

The DDJ-FLX4 has two new smart features: you can switch on the Smart Fader, to seamlessly mix between two tracks – automatically controlling volume and tempo with either the upfaders or the crossfader, and a smart Colour FX, which applies multiple FX with a turn of the knob, spicing up your favourite tracks.

As well as this the DDJ-FLX4 these effects: Phantom Echo, Reflect Echo, Mobius Echo, Vaporize, Noise Chop, Cyber Jet, Cyber Pitch, and Twitster. The DDJ-FLX4 also supports USB output of microphone audio, giving you the ability to livestream without any other devices.

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