Need to relax? Here’s a 28-hour playlist compiling Brian Eno’s groundbreaking discography

Without a doubt, Brian Eno remains one of the most innovative minds in contemporary music. With recent projects including an album that plays forever and a candescent collaboration with Kevin Shields, it’s hard to believe that the man has been at it for almost 50 years.

His lineage can be traced back far and wide, from origins in Roxy Music to production work for David Bowie. With any artist so significant, it can be difficult for prospective new fans to know where to start. But fear not, here’s somewhere you can finally listen to Eno’s work in one place.

brian eno playlist discography spotify
Photo: Deborah Feingold

Want to dive into the groundbreaking life work of Brian Eno? Start here, with a 28-hour playlist compiling his formidable discography.

The playlist, standing at 310 songs and just over 28 hours long, covers everything from his 1972 solo debut Here Comes The Warm Jets to his more modern collaborations with The Gift, Tom Rogers and various compositional teams.

If you listen chronologically, you’ll also bear witness to Eno’s great transition from rock and pop to ambient music. Discreet Music (1975) is arguably the place were this transition occurs, preluded by the minimalistic Another Green World (1975) and a few years short of Ambient 1: Music For Airports (1978), where the change was fully realised.

Dive in below. In the words of the man himself, feel free to listen at “comparatively low levels, even to the extent that it frequently falls below the threshold of audibility”.

Via Open Culture.