PlayStation 2021 Wrap-Up: how much did you really play last year?

PlayStation 2021 Wrap-Up: how much did you really play last year?

The new PlayStation Wrap-Up page will tell you what kind of gamer you were in 2021. It collates total hours played, trophies earned, and more.

The PlayStation 2021 Wrap-Up page provides a highly fascinating/potentially disturbing window into how PlayStation users enjoyed their spare time in 2021. And with the pandemic still plodding along, it’s safe to say that the numbers the page spits back at us may be larger than anticipated.

However, the PlayStation 2021 Wrap-Up isn’t all about numbers and shame – the page also collects trophies and hours played into a shareable badge so you can compare your performance with your friends. The badge includes total hours played, new trophies, most played game, and a 2021 trophy cabinet.

playstation 2021 wrapped-up
Image: PlayStation Blog / Sony

On top of this you can compare your data with that of other PlayStation players and the community at large. Available data ranges from the most popular weapon used in a specific game, to how many players discovered certain secrets.

The obvious parallel to the PlayStation 2021 Wrap-Up is Spotify’s end of year Wrapped feature. While not as flashy, it serves a similar purpose of reminding us of some of the good times that 2021 held.

You know, like beating Dark Souls 3 for the seventh time to delay your eventual hollowing. Or finally submitting and trading your real life for Destiny 2‘s pinnacle grind.

That said, before attempting to see your PlayStation 2021 Wrap-Up it’s a good idea to get your PlayStation Network account details (and password) handy. There is what is possibly the most frustrating and time consuming ‘prove you’re not a robot’ exercise I’ve ever encountered.

By the time I finally completed the 20th ‘find the rat that can’t get the cheese’ exercise (yes, 20) I was well and truly over it. But when I had to do it all again because I put my password in incorrectly I felt the kind of rage previously reserved only for God of War’s Kratos.

cheese rat puzzle
Image: A new kind of hell.

But hey, at least now I know exactly how much I enjoyed Hades last year (far too much).