How to watch Tones and I bring ‘Welcome to the Madhouse’ to Fortnite

Tones and I will be bringing her unique brand of pop to the digital realm as part of the Fortnite Soundwave series. Here’s how to tune into the “Madhouse experience“.

Tones and I has gone from strength to strength; first winning over her native Australia with the surprise hit Dance Monkey, then the world, and now it appears she has her sights set on the world of video games. That’s right, Tones and I will be the latest artist to lend their voice to an in game Fornite concert.

The performance will be part of Fornite‘s Soundwave series, which sees digital representations of popular artists perform a selection of their tracks in a venue like no other. Tones and I will be the second artist to participate in the series, following on from Egyptian pop superstar Mohamed Hamaki.

Tones and I
Image: Tones and I / Giulia McGauran

It appears that Tones and I has predominately chosen to play tracks from her 2021 album Welcome to the Madhouse. When asked what fans can expect, the Victorian artist responded, “The Madhouse experience in Fortnite is sick and I can’t wait for you all to see it.

The Madhouse experience has been developed by Fortnite community creators Team Alliance and TheBoyDilly. While it hasn’t been made clear exactly how players will be able to interact with the show, it has been stated that the experience “is an adventure through the madhouse — a tour inspired by the songs of the album.

How to watch Tones and I perform in Fortnite

In order to watch the Soundwave series you must first download an up-to-date version of Fortnite (which is free by the way). This can be done on any almost any system, including PS4, Xbox, PC, iOS, Switch, and Android.

The digital performance will debut on January 22nd at 10am AEDT (January 21 in many other time zones). Following this, the Madhouse experience will repeatedly play for the next 72 hours.

Players can access the show by clicking the in-game Soundwave Series: Tones and I tile on the Fornite homepage. Otherwise, players can manually input the Island code: 4161-9206-0181.