Hades PS5 review: the acclaimed roguelike soars on next-gen hardware

Hades on PS5 is a concept so delightful that it is deserving of its very own place on Mount Olympus. The acclaimed roguelike is better in every single way.

Bringing Hades to the PS5 is a no brainer. When you have the winning formula of addictive gameplay, appealing art direction, and an endearing cast of characters – all of which Hades possesses in droves – you’re in for a good ride.

The team responsible for bringing Hades to PS5 fully understand this, and accordingly don’t do anything that could mess the whole thing up. Rather, they ensure that the game runs better on a technical level than it ever has before, utilising a few next-gen features to subtly improve player immersion.

I will, however, get this out of the way; if you didn’t enjoy Hades before, then Hades on PS5 isn’t going to change that. Those that found the game frustratingly difficult will no doubt still find it so, although perhaps the ergonomic DualSense controller will help some players better cope with the endless waves of mythological adversaries.

The best way to explain who exactly this version of the game is right for is probably to go into what differentiates it from the original. So without further jibber-jabber, let’s get to it.

Hades on PS5 looks stunning

If you were playing Hades on Switch or a smallish PC monitor, then the upgrade here is staggering. This version of the game maintains its target of hitting 60fps in 4k with apparent ease and it’s a joy to behold.

The visual style of the game has always been one of its big draws, and Hades on PS5 really allows players to take it all in. Smooth, colourful, and gorgeous.

Super fast load times

This comes with the PS5 territory, but it should still be noted that load times have all but disappeared. In a game where dying plays such an important role, these short load times are much appreciated – any time not spent fighting enemies will be because you yourself decided that you need a breather.

Or you know, time that you’d rather spend some time chilling with legendary good boy Cerberus. Hades on PS5 is action all the time.

hades eurydice
Screenshot: Hades / Supergiant Games

DualSense features improve player immersion

The DualSense features are what will likely separate Hades on PS5 from the Xbox version – and while not critical, they undeniably add some fun. The controller’s haptic feedback system is on full display here, shaking and rattling its heart out in response to whatever is happening onscreen.

Petting Cerberus results in some unique trigger resistance that approximates his movements and growling, being struck by enemies results in feedback, and the most powerful vibrations are reserved for when the Gods of Olympus announce themselves. You feel that thunder like it just came crashing down next to you.

Speaking of which, your controller’s lighting scheme changes depending on which God you are speaking to (within reason as the DualSense unfortunately has less colours than there are Gods of Olympus). Sure, it’s hardly revolutionary, but it’s a nice little nod to players that are repurchasing Hades on PS5. The development team aren’t phoning this in.

hades ps5
Screenshot: Hades / Supergiant Games

Who should buy Hades on PS5?

Launching at a price of $39.95 on Sony’s PlayStation Store, Hades on PS5 isn’t an expensive game by today’s standards. However, for those that already purchased it on another platform it may not be representative of good value. This is the same game, albeit to be enjoyed in a different context (lounge room video gaming is seriously the best video gaming).

If you’ve slept on Hades though, and are curious about one of the most acclaimed games of 2021, then now is the perfect time to correct that. As many fans will attest, Hades offers more bang for your buck than almost any other game out there.

Hades is out on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Game Pass on August 13. It is already available on Switch and PC.