Tiny in size, but huge in features: meet Koka’s Pocket Beatbox

With its unique tap detection algorithm and dynamic accuracy, Koka’s Pocket Beatbox is the portable multi-sampler of your dreams.

It’s the box of beats and rhythms that will have you tapping away for hours. Highly compact and portable, with its user-friendly, ergonomic design, the Pocket Beatbox is small in size but mighty in possibilities.

Nikoladze & Sons’ latest release comes in the form of a miniature box, likened to the size of a child’s toy figurine, this highly engaging instrument has complex capabilities that far outweigh its size. “It’s a sophisticated little thing that I enjoy every day”, says Koka.

Onboard is a tap-detection algorithm, ensuring that your soft and hard taps are represented with unparalleled dynamic accuracy. It is also compatible with micro SD cards, enabling you to sync up your own tracks or store your newly created beats in the machine.

There’s 16-voice dynamic polyphony for synchronised melodies that can be harmonised together, whilst the 16 multisample banks of mono audio let you load up numerous samples per pad — for a total of 4096 samples per kit.

There’s ample connectivity to expand the possibilities of the Pocket Beatbox. MIDI input and output is available, meaning you can use it as MIDI controller, footswitch control for changing sample banks, even a microphone input (Koka is planning to introduce onboard sampling in later firmware updates).

For more details, head over to Nikoladze & Sons.