Polo & Pan are back with a certified, seven minute, psychedelic banger

Polo & Pan follow up their critically acclaimed debut LP with extended psychedelic banger, Gengis. 

The seven minute, flute riddled, desert bass chant opens the EP followed by a shorter cut and two remixes.

Polo & PanFrench electronic duo Polo & Pan have dropped a trance heavy, seven minute, snake charmer and it deliver on all your wildest, dance floor desires.

Polo & Pan (Paul Armand-Delille and Alexandre Grynszpan) are back with a certified club extravaganza. After their wildly successful debut album, Caravelle, tallied 110 million streams, the duo spent a few years travelling the world playing sold out shows in Europe, USA, Mexico and the Middle East.

The Gengis remix EP consists of four versions of the same song, each one offering wildly different interpretations. The opener is clearly the cream of the crop, standing out as the ultimate, uplifting, psychedelic banger.

Gengis is peppered with elements of trance, and voodoo, as the track revolves around an every shifting conversation between the flute and bass drum. It’s pushes and pulls; ebbs and flows. When the bass drum kicks hard, the flute is dripping LSD from above. However they are not afraid to push the pipes and blow the flute like a bongo.

The opener is paired with a radio edit that gets to the point and cuts out a lot of the fluff. However, the psychedelic trance meditation of the original is what makes it so good. Gotta love a bit of flute indulgence to set the mood.

The third track is by Ghent-based producers Asa Moto and offers a funkier electro-house remix of the track, while Tel Aviv-based duo Red Axes bring their mix into an Acid desert trip, mixing in elements of forest trance.

The twin remixes are expertly done and wildly different to the original, offering plenty of playability to the entire collection.

Polo & Pan’s follow up EP is unmistakably them, mixing in their classic French sound with a new twist of experimental, venturing to far-flung places and enrapturing the fun that has been missing in the electronic scene.

Gengis is out now. Check it here.