Polymer drop another monstrous rock track with ‘Start Again’

In 2019, Polymer foreshadowed their own success with the release of Believers. Now, the band is set to mesmerise with the release of their inspiring new single.

Feel the passion, drive, and gritty ambition radiate from every inch of Polymer’s latest track Start Again.

polymer band
Photo via Polymer on Facebook

Start Again is another taste of the upcoming album Zealots Box by Polymer, a stadium-worthy rock release which could sky-rocket the band to new heights.  

Polymer delivers irresistible melodies and riffs, gritty percussion, and a contagious energy throughout the entirety of Start Again. To complement this anthemic sound, the track’s lyrics explore the burning flame of ambition which drives us all.

The perfect combination of the band’s signature sound with purposeful lyrics is quickly setting Polymer up to one day be as awe-inspiring as Foo Fighters, with a rock ‘n’ roll attitude which is impossible to ignore.

The members of Polymer have established themselves in Sydney’s rock scene in a number of diverse projects and collaborations, including Age Of Menace and Samsara. The band formed in 2018, allowing for an incredible transfusion of passion and experience which resulted in their astonishing sound.

Group members Anthony Semrani (vocals/ guitar), Constantine Kotsiras (drums), and Adam Barns (bass) have worked hard to create Zealots Box. Polymer’s debut album could just be one of the most impactful collections of real and raw rock music to come out of Sydney in recent years.

Polymer’s debut album Zealots Box is sure to be rock ‘n’ roll magic, but in the meantime wrap your ears around Start Again above.