Dave Grohl announces the completion of new Foo Fighters album

Everyone’s favourite rock ‘n’ roll father figure, Dave Grohl, has announced a new Foo Fighters record is on the horizon.

The juicy piece of news emerged on a recent Bill Simmons podcast, on which Grohl featured as a guest. In what would surely be music to the ears of Fooey fans, Grohl shared that the album is basically complete. “We just finished making a record.” https://happymag.tv/dave-grohl-annou…o-fighters-album/

Dave Grohl has announced the completion of a brand new Foo Fighters record. He also revealed the making of a touring documentary.

This year marks 25 years since the Foo Fighters’ debut album (self-titled). Appealing to sentimentality, the impending record will include musical ideas as old as the band is. “There’s a riff on the new record that I’ve been working on for 25 years – first time I demoed it was in my basement in Seattle, and every record I’m like ‘Ooh, let’s put it on,’ but it didn’t work.”

Additionally, Grohl spoke of the recent flexing of his filmmaking muscle, outlining a documentary currently in the making. The film will focus on the touring culture of the late 20th century, with emphasis on vans. Vans, people.

But, rather than elaborating on their manufacture or kms-to-fuel efficiency, the focus will revolve around the more romantic idea of leaving everything behind to tour in a beaten-up old van, with all the heartache and drama encompassing that lifestyle.

“Everybody had a van. Even before, like long before — vans go way back. So I’ve interviewed everybody, and you’d be surprised. Like, the Beatles toured in a van. Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, U2. There’s something about that time, you know, it’s like you wear it like a badge. You’re like, “Oh, shit, yeah.” I toured in a band for five years, sleeping on floors, butter sandwiches and getting paid two dollars a night.”

You can listen to the full interview below, starting at 48:14.