Paris Hilton’s debut album, the one you forgot about, is coming to vinyl

Paris Hilton is making her musical comeback this month with the reissue of her 2006 pop album on vinyl.

The bombshell herself titled the album Paris all those years ago, in what was an attempt to break into the pop music scene.

paris hilton album

Paris Hilton’s debut album Paris is coming to vinyl in a limited edition release, so make sure it’s on your wish-list. Or don’t.

Featuring those unforgettable tracks such as Stars are Blind, the vinyl will be pressed in maroon and gold marble, including album art that’s a work of pop culture history in itself. We can’t forget Hilton’s cover of Rod Stewart’s Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?, which will also (unfortunately) be included in the reissue, alongside featuring artists such as Fat Joe.

Hilton’s debut record was dropped in 2006, at the height of her powers. Shortly after its release, The Chaser’s War on Everything made headlines after playing the album out loud in a Hilton hotel and promptly getting booted out the front door.

You can pre-order the Paris vinyl here for a very reasonable $22 and then sit tight to receive this work of art on the 27th of March.

In the meantime, you can listen to her full album on Spotify below: