Je tiens à vous presenter Ponctuation! Unfortunately (and embarrassingly), that’s about as far as my French goes… but Guillaume and Maxime Chaisson have certainly inspired me to learn some more. The brothers, who hail from Quebec of French Canada, formed rock duo Ponctuation back in 2011, and have been hitting the Canadian music scene hard ever since.


Ponctuation’s sound is best described as somewhere smack-bang in the middle of garage and grunge rock. The soaring guitars and screeching yet sexy vocals, somehow come together to produce an extremely pleasurable and complete sound. If there’s one thing you’ll realise from listening to Ponctuation, it is that speaking in French makes whatever you’re saying sound at least 10 x cooler. From songs about love (blah), to songs about overcoming the tediousness of everyday life, Ponctuation’s music is both light and fun, and makes for easy, yet interesting, listening.

Having released an EP titled Leche : Vitrine and their debut album 27 Club last year, the Chaisson boys are undoubtedly on a path to higher plains. If you enjoy the sound of Arcade Fire, give Ponctuation a good listening to and be sure to check their ghoulish, black and white clip to Emma (above).