Poppy Ajudha launches evocative debut album ‘THE POWER IN US’

London trailblazer Poppy Ajudha has released a bold, beautiful and soul-igniting debut LP, THE POWER IN US.

Multi-genre British artist Poppy Ajudha has blessed our ears with the launch of her highly-anticipated debut record, THE POWER IN US.

Through a 12-track collection of stunning and evocative tunes, Poppy’s raw and earnest lyrics brazenly shine a spotlight on pressing social issues, including feminism, colonialism, gender politics and beyond.

Poppy Ajudha
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Speaking on the LP, Poppy says: “This album is made up of all the things swimming in my mind, from women’s rights, to the right to cross borders, to the power of young people to inspire and be unafraid to rock the boat in the name of progress.”

Kicking off with a captivating call-to-action, WHOSE FUTURE? OUR FUTURE! samples the energetic and riotous lyrics showcased in the iconic 1988 hit, Ella’s Song: “We who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes.”

Poppy Ajudha music
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This powerful beginning transitions seamlessly into PLAYGOD; a widely-celebrated, jazz-infused hit released as a single earlier this year. Influenced by the Alabama abortion bill, Poppy fearlessly conveys her pro-choice message, speaks out on women’s rights, and addresses the “God Complex.”

The anthemic, thought-provoking lyrics are accentuated by Poppy’s soulful and commanding vocals: “Sister, stand up for what you believe. I hear anarchy in the way you speak. Teach her not to give up, only how to seek. Ain’t no anarchy in the way they cheat.”

The power in us
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Laden with equally-empowering messages for women worldwide, the album’s fourth track, MOTHERS SISTERS GIRLFRIENDS is a funky and fiercely-addictive tune that champions individuality over obligation and tradition.

Poppy says, “women don’t have to be just what they are taught to be, there is so much more to us than Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Girlfriends and our relation to men. I want men to engage more heavily in feminism and really see how their defiance against it only holds both women and men back.”

Poppy Ajudha album
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The second-last track of the album is LONDON’S BURNING. Released as a single in November of 2021, this bold and insightful tune expertly fuses elements of pop and electronic music to create a compelling and dynamic hit. The track is coupled with lyrics that convey an important message about the importance of immigration to British culture.

Discussing the track, Poppy says: “I wrote this song on the legacy of colonialism and the irony that even when we have taken almost everything from most of the globe, ruining countries and communities throughout history to build our own, we are still so quick to close our doors to those in need, even when it is us who have played the biggest roles in destabilising the countries they come from.”

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Bold, enticing and diverse, Poppy Ajudha’s empowering debut album has something for everyone. It will nourish you, impact you, and linger with you for days and weeks to come.

THE POWER IN US is out now.